Hi, I'm Richelle!
Allow me to journey with you.

Transform, Heal,
and Restore

I'm a true Florida-native with a heart for all things Jesus and loving on people! I believe that where there is brokenness there is beauty and where there is heartbreak, there is hope! I am passionate in pursuing individuals who feel distraught, lost, and hopeless and desire that they, along with others who have not experienced the fullness of the Father’s love, will find themselves completely restored in it!

My passions include counseling, writing, hanging out with friends & family, and cooking! I hope that in presenting my scars and giving others the courage to reveal their own, that it would ultimately put the Father’s love on display to transform, heal, and completely restore!


My Book


“This is not a step-by-step practical guide on how to forgive your father overnight; I won’t tell you to just suck it up and forgive simply because you’re a believer and somehow bypass the process of processing the raw emotions that are active at the heart of someone who didn’t have a healthy relationship with their father. What I will tell you is that it takes the mature to humble themselves and be transparent about the wounds caused by another. It takes an even more mature individual to make the decision to forgive, endure the healing process, and choose to move on with a new identity. If you’re not the mature person that I’m referring to, I hope that this book gives you the tools necessary to become that person--the person who knows that they once felt not loved, not seen, sometimes not good enough, not wanted, and disappointed in and by their father.”

Richelle Henry challenges you to deal with the disappointments, challenges, and effects of either growing up without a father or having an unhealthy relationship with one. Having personal experience in growing up without her biological father present, she shares from her personal life, practical wisdom and insight to help provide healing to those who share similar experiences. This thought provoking reading will transform the way you see the importance of transparency, forgiveness, and your identity as a child of God—The Ultimate Father.



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